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Sunday, June 18, 2006

New Amigo Health Online Recruiting System

Amigo Health Team now has an automated recruiting system.

The Amigo Health ( online marketing system includes replicated website, autoresponders, lead capture pages, leads, training and many other essential marketing tools.
This Amigo Health online recruiting system can eliminate the difficult parts of marketing and allow members to concentrate on the most productive parts of the business. Experienced marketers can focus on building and supporting theirTeam and beginners can get started quickly and easily.

The benefits of the Amigo Health online recruiting system include:
· Professionally Designed Automatically Replicated Multi-Page Websites make it easy to present every feature of the Amigo health business.
· Exclusive Members Area Back Office with Statistics, Tools and Training give members everything they need to build their business, efficiently organized and all in one place.
· Distinctive and Effective Lead Capture Pages guarantee that members are notified immediately whenever someone is interested in their Amigo Health business
· The Pre-Written Autoresponders in the system automatically follow-up with interested people and new recruits.

The resources in this automated online recruiting system give members a very substantial advantage.

Margie Pierce invites marketers to preview the system at
contact phone: 1-603-764-9136

Marketers already excited about the Amigo Juice product with Acai, Mangosteen and Goji; and the simple 3x9 forced matrix now have a compelling new reason to join the Amigo Health opportunity.

See the Online Recruiter Web Site at

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Remarkable acai/leukemia published study

A remarkable Research Study from the University of Florida. Study of acai with leukemia cells.
See the Published Study at
Search for "acai".

Amigo Juice is exploding in Trinidad. Company meetings are scheduled this week in Trinidad, Tobago, and Barbados.

Listen to recorded calls. 1-620-294-1456.

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Best Day - Worst Day

The Best Day-Worst Day of the Month for Networkers

Do you know which day is the worst day of the month for Networkers?
Do you know which day is the best day of the month for Networking Companies?
It's the same day!!!
When is that?
It's the last day of the month.

Why is that?
It's the day that Networkers hate!
It's the day that Networking Companies love!
It's because many "Top Guns" are short of their Group Volume requirements, so they "buy" their Group Volume.

This day is a frantic time! For some Top Guns, the stress is overwhelming, as they attempt to balance legs and add volumes.
This is the day that some distributors buy $10,000 to $20,000 in product.
And this same pattern is repeated each month, the last day of the month.
The distributors HATE it!
The Companies LOVE it!

This is the legacy of the distributor who is locked into Group Volume requirements. It's like a hangman's noose around your neck, and it gets tighter and tighter. It only ends when the frustration level reaches it's peak, and the Top Gun gives up and quits.
This problem is only for the Top Guns, the full-time Networker.

The part-time person will not have this problem because he will NEVER achieve the Group Volume qualifications that he needs to become a Top Gun. He will finally realize that he will NEVER get there - -and he also will give up and quit.

Group Volume requirements are probably the greatest cause of dropouts in Network Marketing.
Full time Networkers give up because of Group Volume requirements.
Part time Networkers give up because of Group Volume requirements.
And the quicksand of Group Volume requirements swallows up more victims.
The heavy burden of Group Volume requirements exacts a deadly toll. It's like a prisoner in a chain gang! Your constant companion is a heavy weight chained to your leg. The other leg is chained to other people who are chained to other heavy weights.

That heavy weight is called Group Volume Requirements.
This is why many Networkers say they will never do Network Marketing again. Once a person is so burned out, there's only one thing that can attract their attention again - - -
no group volume requirements.

Amigo Health Independent Distributor
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Free Leads for our Team.
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Free Training Calls for our Team.
500mg of mangosteen pericarp per serving.
500mg of goji per serving.
500mg of acai per serving.

Only $50 per month.
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Open in 22 countries.
Started March 1, 2006. First week payout over $30,000

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

We have launched

The worst way to get a new distributor started is to tell him to make a list of his friends and family. Friends and family will attempt to tell your new distributor that he can't make it with this business. That is the most DISCOURAGING way to get started. It is probably the greatest cause of dropouts.
Making a list of friends and family is making a list of people who are not going to build a downline. They are NOT business builders. They don't even WANT a home based business. If you try to build a downline of these people, this is a plan for failure.
Not only is "making a list" a plan for failure, but it also sends the wrong message. They think Network Marketing requires you to chase your friends and family. (Guess where they got that idea?) The problem is: they don't WANT to chase their friends and family. Their perception is that Network Marketing is where you must pursue your relatives until you become a pest. No wonder they don't want to join!
Friends and family don't usually want a home based business.
They don't want you to have one either.
Why not try to recruit business-builders instead of non-business-builders. That's much easier! They don't laugh at you. They don't try to discourage you. And it is the key to building a downline - - - to start with people who have the mindset to be business builders. How do you build a downline with people who don't want a business?

Where do you find these business-builders? When you join us, we give you 100 FREE Leads each month. More if you can use them! These are people who WANT a home-based business - they ARE interested in a home-based business. They are the business-builders you need to build a downline.

March 1, 2006 was our launch.
100-200 people per day are joining.

500 mg of mangosteen
500 mg of goji
500 mg of acai.
That's in just one serving.

Only $50 per month.
3X9 Matrix.

Call me: 1-603-764-9136